The Animate Statue

from by Into Oblivion


I tread this world devoid of any understanding
Consumed by reason
I glance with blank eyes as opportunities are laid to waste
My touch is unfeeling, destructive, and desolate
The chilling fog and frozen moon render no feeling
I look to the celestial fields
And begin the dissection
The stars, whence have they came?
Galaxies, the secret to their patterns
The universe, my thirst for beginnings and ends
Through logical operations, the whole goes unperceived
Grace withers and dies, unrealized and unappreciated
By metamorphic pupils, surrounded by the Iris of marble
Soul rot from within, corrupting my pewter flesh
Wolves come to consume, unsatisfied by flesh of stone
Nature revolts at my pitiful stone carcass
Unloved by arms of granite, embraced by the heart of ore
Pierced by revelations from Gaia and the Four Winds
I embrace mountains, galaxies, flames, and thunder
Questions remain
But opportunities seized and realized
I have become one with the Void
Coiled in the roots of Apollo and Dionysius
The metamorphic gaze becomes observant and powerful
The marble Iris radiates like the sun
The stone chips away from hardened flesh
Realization permeates inwards, soul resurrection


from Creation Of A Monolith, released November 27, 2010



all rights reserved


Into Oblivion Toronto, Ontario

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